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Canadian Blood Services Office of the Prime Minister's Industry Canada Environment Canada Government of Yukon Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) City of Hamilton Open Data City of Ottawa Health Canada National Research Council of Canada (NRC) Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages (OCOL) Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) Statistics Canada Standards Council of Canada (SCC) Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) Canadian Musem for Human Rights (CMHR) Parks Canada Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) Prince Edward Island (PEI) RCMP

DrupalWxT (The Drupal Web Experience Toolkit Distribution)

A little information about DrupalWxT to get you started.

DrupalWxT, is designed and built by the Drupal community in collaboration with the Government of Canada in order to meet government-grade web property requirements.  The distribution is production proven that includes re-usable tools and components for building and maintaining innovative enterprise websites that are multilingual, accessible, and interoperable while providing a fully responsive interface that tailors for any device from your desktop, to your tablet, to your smartphone.

DrupalWxT brings together best practice methodology paired with leading modules in one ready to deploy solution. It uses components that help with cross-browser compatibility and provides responsive and interchangeable within your layout ensuring developers and designs have the freedom needed to deliver amazing experiences.

The distribution meets Web Accessibility and Web Usability standards by using the most proven best practices with CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery in order to meet today's web functionality and reliability requirements.

Wether you are looking to build internal collaborative intranets, online services, MyAccount applications, or public web properties, DrupalWxT is the distribution that is providing amazing experiences and meet government-grade standards.

Drupal Facts

A few notable facts about Drupal

  • The Largest Open Source project in the World.
  • Just under 1,000,000 people strong. 2X the size of Linux developer community.
  • Estimated 20,000,000 sites running Drupal.
  • From 228 nations in 181 languages.
  • With 36,000+ modules.
  • Has over 300,000 developers.
  • Powers sites like:, and so many others.


Just some of the reasons why this is a game changer.


Security enhanced and Shared Services Canada vetted.

Modules and guidelines have been added to DrupalWxT to increase security, which has already been reviewed and approved for TRA (Threat Risk Assessment) by Shared Services Canada.

Reviewed and vetted by the founders of Drupal and Acquia


Largest Open Source Community and contributors on the planet.

With over a million people behind, critical mass adoption is an understatement. Over 2x the size of the Linux developer community, we are vibrant local and international community with a public road-map and a public issue tracker. Even DrupalWxT has its own Issue Queue (with over 1200 resolved issues, and no active pending) on Github.


Extendable with anything

Without "for profit" decision-making, Drupal is organically transparent and has vested interest to work with others, so it does. It supports Web Services integration and even CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Service) to integrate seamlessly with other Repositories.


User Engagement Ready

Leave static pages in the dust and be ready for the user engagement features that help reduce GoC call center loads. Out-of-the-box features include Chat, Commenting/Discussions, Content ratings, Blogs, Follow content, Social Sharing and much more.

Feature ready

Feature Server ready

Drupal incorporates a "Features" distribution and App delivery service to help control versioned distributions and enhance sites (similar to your iPhone Apps). Add a DrupalWxT GoC approved Blog, and other controlled features easily.


Transportable, Versatile & Innovation

There is no licensing with Drupal, making it agile and easy to evolve and transform.  You always share the intellectual property, allowing you to harness and motivate developers to be more collaborative and innovative.  This allows even large public enterprises (yes, even Governments!) to be able to react quickly to changes and to embrace a more agile methodology.


Extensive GoC testing.

There has been extensive GoC testing including automated continuous integration which includes Selenium Unity scripted cross-browser and multi-device testing.

DrupalWxT Latest News

Dec 21

Transport Canada relaunches main public website and Intranet on DrupalWxT here.

April 20

Health Canada modernization of Recalls Safety Alerts on DrupalWxT. Check it out.

July 8

CDS article on GCnotify and Drupal integration for Health Canada Project breif article.

Sep 30

Environment and Climate Change Canada launches Intranet on DrupalWxT.more.

Ready to give DrupalWxT a try?